The Ministry of European Investments and Projects, through the Management Authority for the Health Program, launched in public consultation the Applicant’s Guide for the Call for projects: “Increasing the capacity to provide services regarding the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of critical patients, children and newborns by developing tools and training of medical personnel” within Priority 3 “Increasing the effectiveness and resilience of the medical system in critical areas of strategic importance with cross-cutting impact on medical services and health status”, FSE+ Fund, Action C, Specific Objective ESO4.11.

For this call for projects, eligible applicants are university-based public health facilities with skills in neonatal and pediatric intensive care and the provision of intermediate care for critically ill patients with complex care needs.

The total allocation for the project call is 5,000,000 euros, of which a maximum of 80.79% EU contribution and 19.21% national contribution.