The Management Authority for the Health Program published the Applicant’s Guide for the Call for projects “Organization of a national program for prevention, early detection (screening), diagnosis and referral to treatment of tuberculosis patients” PS/364/PS P1/OP4/ESO4.11/PS P1 ESO4.11 A1 within Priority 1: Increasing the quality of primary, community health care services, services provided in the ambulatory regime and improving and strengthening preventive services, ESF+, Policy Objective 4, Objective ESO4.11 specific.

For this call for projects, the eligible applicant is the central public authority subordinated to the Ministry of Health with exclusive competence in the field, namely the “Marius Nasta” Institute of Pneumophthisiology.

According to the Health Program, in the context of this call, actions of the type – development/updating of methodologies/guidelines/protocols/procedures, etc., personal training sessions, provision of TB screening services, as well as information campaigns for people in the group are targeted aim.

The total allocation for the call for projects is 8,120,000 euros, of which a maximum of 80.79% EU contribution and 19.21% national contribution.